A Business in the Community Initiative

Food for Thought Fact Sheets

Designed to open the conversation on some of the lesser discussed topics concerning gender diversity in the workplace, the 'Food for Thought' fact sheet opened with an informative piece on women and age and continued with the business case for gender diversity.

#1 Women and Age 

The needs and progression of older women in the workforce is a topic which has perhaps received too little attention from the business community in recent years. However, with an ageing population, a multi-generational workforce to manage and an increasing body of research which suggests the disparities of gender equality become exaggerated with age, it is important for employers to develop a clear understanding of the issues associated with advancing older women in our workplaces. With 2012 designated the European Year of Active Ageing, Opportunity Now hope this Food For Thought fact sheet will provide a timely briefing on the context and challenges behind maximising the potential of older women and provide some pragmatic actions which employers should consider.

#2 The Business Case

Removing the barriers which prevent women from participating in the labour market as fully as men has been consistently found to be good for women, good for employers, good for society and good for the UK economy.