Responsible Business Tracker® Induction Session – Edinburgh


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Edinburgh EH12

The Responsible Business Tracker® is a measurement tool designed to enable a business to measure its performance as a responsible business. 

The Tracker is aligned with the Global Goals (the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) that underpin the Business in the Community (BITC) Responsible Business Map. The Tracker enables a business to navigate and contribute to the realisation of the goals by identifying the key issues that need to be addressed to ensure long-term financial value, enabling both society and the planet to thrive.

About the event
This information session will provide insights into how the process works and what businesses need to commit, as well as what they will gain from the process. This session will equip practitioners with the practical knowledge to use the Tracker and the Qualtrics platform, ready for the submission window opening in September 2019. It will also provide an opportunity for businesses that have yet to sign up to the Tracker to find out more about the benefits and commitment required to do so.

Alex Ferrand, the Responsible Business Tracker® Manager, will take the group through:

  • How participants will receive the Tracker 
  • The Qualtrics platform that hosts the Tracker and how to navigate the survey
  • How to upload evidence and why evidence is so important
  • An overview of the scoring system
  • An overview of how the Tracker is structured
  • How to go about collecting information in an organisation in order to make self-assessments
  • Any questions about the Tracker.

Light refreshments will be served.

Who should attend this event?
This information session is open to all businesses operating in Scotland and will be of most benefit to senior leaders of medium-large corporates which are interested in taking the next step on their organisational responsible business journey. 

Contact details and further information
In order to participate in the BITC Responsible Business Tracker® in September 2019 organisations must become a BITC member by this date.

The event is free to attend. Full joining instructions will be sent before the event. 

For more information, contact, PA to SMT and Events Coordinator at BITC.