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Our corporate economic prospects are all threatened by the potential failure of places. They are where our customers and colleagues live. They are the very basis of the society that our economy depends on. Building on outstanding examples of learning in BlackpoolHaringey and Wisbech, there is a need for BITC to work with businesses to provide collective leadership to help places adapt, build resilience and ultimately thrive in this new world.

The BITC Place Leadership Team will make this vision a reality: Identifying the best practices that exist today within businesses to support places; innovating to find new approaches; and building the partnerships we need to scale these solutions. This will build on our model for healthy communities outlined in Building the Case for a Connected Britain, which sets out our learning and experience in working in places. 

To support this we work with our members to bring our expertise in understanding the different communities across the country; particularly focusing on those with the highest levels of disadvantage. We engage corporate expertise and investment, to work alongside other key stakeholders, to significantly improve opportunities for the people who live there.

Central to this approach is developing cross-sector partnerships that enable businesses to connect and work with local government and community organisations, identifying respective strengths and opportunities to understand and address social needs.

BITC encourages businesses to get involved through our work across the entire UK, whether in the places that are important to their business, or working with us in, especially the Key Cities, and by supporting SMEs to be resourceful and resilient.

The ultimate vision is to ensure that all community members, including charities, small businesses and residents are prosperous, resilient and sustainable.

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For more information and to find out how you can get involved, please contact
Nishi Mayor, Business in the Community Place Director

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