Becoming a partner

Social enterprise is gaining momentum in the marketplace and businesses can learn and benefit from working with social entrepreneurs.

Social enterprises generate more than £24 billion annually for the UK economy and their impact extends beyond their immediate employees and customers with social and environmental benefits that ripple across society. 

arc provides the chance for your business to connect with social enterpreneurs to collaborate, share skills and create sustainable benefits for your customers and your community.

By supporting arc and social enterprise, your business can:

  • be at the forefront of this exciting movement

  • engage your staff with the passion, energy and fresh ideas of the social enterprise movement

  • build responsible supply chain links with high-impact social enterprises.

  • enhance the value and reputation of your brand.

arc currently operates across London and is also expanding to other locations throughout the UK. We are seeking relationships with the wider business community to meet the ongoing needs of social enterprises beyond 2013.

Contact Jennifer Exon to find out more about becoming a partner.

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