Preventing social background predicting a young person's success at school and beyond.

Young people are becoming increasingly polarised due to their social background, into those who achieve success at school and beyond and those who do not. The wasted potential this represents increases the pressure on business, who are struggling to recruit young people with both the skills and characteristics needed.

Business can help develop and create economically viable, cohesive communities by supporting young people in schools.  We ask all businesses across the UK to support young people in school through a long-term, needs-led collaborative business partnership.



David Soane Steve Holliday, CEO, National Grid and Chair of the Talent and Skills Leadership Team

Education Leadership Team

Chair: David Soanes, UK Country Head, UBS

Employment and Skills Leadership Team

Chair: Steve Holliday, former CEO, National Grid


Key contacts

Katy Neep
Tel: 020 7566 8688

Rachael Saunders
Director of Education

Catherine Sermon
Director of Employability

Six ways your business can take action on Education


Establish a long term, sustainable partnership with a school. Ensure this is rooted in the needs of the school and delivers on business priorities.


Provide at least four experiences of the world of work. Four interventions by business reduces a young person's likelihood of becoming NEET by five times.


Invest in and support school staff. Business has a unique role to play in supporting schools to enhance and enrich the development of all school staff including teachers.


Bring the world of work to life - provide opportunities for young people to understand career pathways and the skills and competencies to build successful working lives.


Collaborate with other businesses - to benefit from their insight and work together to overcome common challenges.


Be an inspiration.  Offer employees coaching and mentoring opportunities with young people to enhance their own skills as well as supporting young people to reach their potential.

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