Smart Growth


From the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink to the buildings we occupy, the energy that powers our world, the infrastructure we rely on and the green spaces we enjoy. 

The current model of prosperity is undermining the environment’s ability to support businesses and communities, so Business in the Community is changing the debate. 
Our mission for Smart Growth is to find new ways to create commercial, economic and social value by tackling some of our most pressing environmental challenges. 

The Responsible Business Map identifies three key smart growth priorities:

  • Maximising resource productivity in a circular economy
  • Nurturing the health of the ecosystems we depend on
  • Achieving net zero carbon and building resilience to climate risks

To achieve our mission Business in the Community brings expertise to challenge and support companies to develop innovative products, services and processes; convene businesses and key partners to learn and solve shared challenges together; and facilitate collaborative projects that harness the power of technology, new financing models and better ways of influencing policy to change the game.