Workplace and employees

Our ambition is a diverse, skilled and healthy workforce that actively volunteers in communities, with business setting public targets on diversity, fair pay, productivity and wellbeing.

The UK’s current and future talent pool is changing, as is today’s business environment and so the business imperative to adapt and develop the workplace has never been greater. The 21st century business must have strategies and policies in place to develop an agile work environment which evolves over time to meet changing needs of its people, customers and the marketplace.

We offer

We ask businesses to implement employee engagement strategies to enable people to be the best they can at work, recognising that this can only happen if they feel respected, involved, heard, well led and valued by those they work for and with.

We offer

We offer a number of programmes, services and resources to help businesses implement effective workplace programmes. See our programmes listed on the right and our latest publications below for more information.

The business case

Business and organisations function best when they make their employees’ commitment, potential, creativity and capability central to their operation.

It is how the workforce performs that determines to a large extent whether companies or organisations succeed. Whether or not the workforce is positively encouraged to perform at its best should be a prime consideration for every leader and manager, and should be placed at the heart of business strategy