Community Engagement

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A guide for success in developing thriving local communities.
Companies achieving the CommunityMark recognise that investing time, skills and resource into communities not only benefits those communities but bring long-term sustainable returns for their company.
2017 was another great year for employee volunteering across Wales with businesses supporting communities through Give and Gain Day. Take a look at our Impact Report to find out more.
London Stansted Airport has a strong and comprehensive model for engaging with local and regional stakeholders in order to understand and address community needs.
Since achieving CommunityMark recognition in 2013, Wates Group has launched its long-term framework for sustainability, Reshaping Tomorrow. One of the pillars of this strategy, Tomorrow’s Communities, focuses on working in partnership to unlock potential and leave a lasting legacy in the communities in which Wates works.
Linklaters’ global community investment programme seeks to ensure that all members of staff are acting as trusted advisers, valued colleagues, engaged professionals, and good neighbours. The firm has demonstrated a sound global strategy which provides a framework for its global community investment activities, while also being flexible enough to work with local communities to address local issues.
Specialist insurer Ecclesiastical, a commercial organisation with a charitable purpose, has embedded its community investment strategy within the organisation’s work. It has achieved high levels of staff engagement, supporting support a culture of responsibility and engagement in-line with its business strategy.
This Business in the Community guide provides information on how your business can develop a sustainable and successful partnership with charities, other businesses, public sector agencies, housing associations and social enterprises to leverage resources, address social issues more effectively and benefit all partners.
JTI attained the CommunityMark in recognition of its strategic approach to identifying social need. This approach is complemented, and brought to life, by exceptional employee involvement which includes employee committees which engage with local partners, skills based volunteering and additional fundraising.