Community Transformation

This paper aims to encourage businesses to buy from social enterprises, showing examples of success and providing key steps and tips to support businesses to buy from social enterprises.
Business in the Community is joining forces with local partners in Great Yarmouth to bring £600,000 to the town, with the aim of creating hundreds of jobs and starting up scores of new businesses or social enterprises.
This page will have content about the Enterprise Inquiries, giving the background to them and links to any evaluation.
This page will contain information on the Business Broker network including current opportunties for involvement and the background of the Business Broker pilot. If the network is still quite active this would probably sit more appropriately under the programmes tab, rather than as a sub-page of Economic renewal.
This page would be an in-depth page explaining BITC's work via the Economic Renewal campaign on property/retail led regeneration, with links to documents as appropriate.
In spite of current challenges, some town and city centres remain successful, those with strong business-led partnerships and locally active store managers. This study highlights examples of both.