This leadership breakfast, in partnership with the British Royal Legion, will focus on how companies can capitalise on the talent of military veterans who are looking to move into civilian employment.
​By the end of the 2021 parliament, the Scottish Government will have extended Fair Work criteria to many funding streams, business support grants and public contracts. This webinar is an opportunity to discuss what that means in practice for Scottish businesses and influence the implementation.
Join Business in the Community (BITC) for a lunchtime roundtable discussion on why and how employers can provide secure work for employees.
This collection of impact stories aims to inspire and encourage more employers to follow the lead of those businesses that are proactively safeguarding their future workforce.
This factsheet will enable you to support young employees to develop the skills you need and then help you keep them with your organisation.
This factsheet helps employers provide the right practical support and guidance to ensure that new, young employees settle in and are ready to develop and progress.
This short factsheet supports employers to ensure their inductions match the needs of a diverse range of young people.
This short factsheet supports employers to remove jargon and technical language from their job descriptions.
Young people with no experience of recruitment processes are at a significant disadvantage compared to more experienced candidates. This factsheet will help you put young people on an equal footing with older, more experienced candidates.