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Sodexo is one of the UK’s largest food services and facilities management companies, with a 34,000 strong workforce in the UK alone. The company has made a commitment to improve the quality of life for all UK staff with a target of reaching 68% employee engagement by 2025.
In this episode of The Lens, our host Oli Barrett talks to Stewart Steel, CEO of Sedgwick UK and Simon Crowther, Founder of Flood Production Studios.
Would You Be Ready for a Cyber Attack? recommends ways businesses of all sizes can reduce risks.
The mobile phone operator EE saught to differentiate themselves in a competitve marketplace by improving customer service. One of the barriers to achieving this goal was the high staff turnover rates among core retail staff as result of the extensive use of short hour contracts. To tackle this problem, EE offered all retail staff who wanted it an uplift in their basic working hours as well as introducing new recruitment, induction and target setting processes. After six months, the rate of staff turnover among the group who chose the uplift was 25% lower than other retail employees. 
Greggs identified issues with working hours as a key motivator for employees leaving the business, so the bakery chain introduced employee ‘health checks’, to gain a better understanding of employee needs. The company believes this could have a big impact on employee satisfaction and retention leading to better customer service.
In 2015 brewer, hotelier and wine merchant Adnams took the decision to get rid of zero-hour contracts and move its employees onto fixed contracts with a minimum number of guaranteed hours. The company believes it is easier to attract new employees now it can guarantee hours, while still offering the flexibility valued by both the business and employees.