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Business in the Community’s (BITC) responsible business showcases celebrate the role of responsible businesses and highlight some of the projects and programmes run by companies that are making a difference to communities. 
​It was announced in Prime Ministers Questions today that the government will create a fund for £1.6 billion that will include town deals. The announcement, part of the government’s commitment to town regeneration is one that the Blackpool Pride of Place Partnership under the umbrella of Business in the Community, welcomes wholeheartedly.
The cycle of long-term unemployment is being broken by Bolton at Home’s employment programme. Tenants are helped into work and are then better able to pay their rents.
Siemens integrated programme aims to inspire the next generation of engineers. The Curiosity Project is playing a role in nurturing the five million new STEM graduates the UK will need in coming years.
'It was fascinating to see the students engage with the possibility that anyone can potentially set up a business of their own if they have the skills and ideas to make it a success.'
'By using the Business Class model both organisations were able to go through a set out and systematic approach to correctly identify where we could have the most impact.'