Business in the Community underline importance of balance between academic attainment and essential skills for future employment

Ahead of the publication of the 2019 A-level results, Rachael Saunders, Education Campaign Director at Business in the Community, says:

“For many, today is a huge day when decisions about university places or further study are made. However, A-levels are only part of the picture. Only 40 per cent of 16-18-year-old students actually take A-levels, meaning we should celebrate the achievements of all learners, including those taking vocational qualifications, for example. 
“While the knowledge that young people will gain through their studies is vital, essential skills such as teamwork, creativity, leadership and problem solving are in danger of being forgotten. These skills are valuable now and will remain vital in the future, as a balanced focus between knowledge and skills directly links to the UK’s economic development and productivity.

“Employees and students must be supported to build the skills they need now for our changing world of work, and given access to learning that will equip them to develop the skills they need for the future. If businesses are looking for specific essential skills, they need to work with educators using a curriculum that’s relevant to modern life. This will ensure that businesses benefit from the workforce of the future having the skills they need while leading the way in providing good and fair employment opportunities to all, regardless of background.”


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