The government responds to Taylor review of modern working practices

Business in the Community acknowledges the positive Government reaction to the Taylor Review.

Business in the Community is pleased to see the Government responding to the Taylor Review and committing to give work quality and quantity equal prominence or the first time. But for the 1 in 8 UK workers living in poverty and the many more who are ‘just about managing’, this rhetoric needs to be underpinned by practical action.

The sad fact is that millions of people are stuck in low-paid, unpredictable, poor quality work with negative effects on productivity, motivation, mental health and wellbeing. The measures announced today will go some way towards improving workers’ rights, particularly in the Gig economy, but widespread change to achieve good work for all must involve employers.   

We’re urging companies to put themselves in the shoes of their lowest-paid employees and make a plan for action. With some leading companies and support from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation we’ve created online resources to support this.