ACT Training

Good for business
  • In 2015, 89% of learners rated ACT as excellent. ACT attributes this to having a happy and motivated workforce.
  • ACT raised its revenues to £29m last year with new contracts from the Welsh Government being award. The firm has also launched in England.
Principality Building Society's Responsible Large Business of the Year Award, Shortlisted 2016

ACT Training is one of the largest work based learning providers in Wales. It delivers apprenticeships and traineeships to over 6,500 learners every year across Wales through its six skills centres.

Good for society

ACT Learning

Working with 20 delivery partners, across half a dozen centres, ACT supports young people to help them gain and sustain employment by developing the skills they need to be successful.

ACT also runs a schools provision for approximately 200 14-16 year olds delivering vocational qualifications as a part-time option or full-time to pupils who are Educated Other Than At School (EOTAS).

ACT is a highly socially responsible organisation, particularly in reducing unemployment, developing skills and helping disadvantaged young people to develop self-confidence. 

When Managing Director Andrew Cooksley started ACT in 1988, his vision was to deliver world-class training by focusing on the customer. Starting off with eight members of staff training 100 people per year, ACT is now Wales’ leading training provider with 300 staff members and 6,500 learners annually.

Year-on-year the number of young people Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET) has increased in Wales and the latest Welsh Government statistics indicated that there are over 12,000 16-18 year olds who are NEET. ACT actively supports the Welsh Government’s agenda to improve this situation by offering innovative training options for everyone.

In 2015, 89% of learners trained by the firm rated ACT as excellent. ACT attributes this to having a happy and motivated workforce.

What ACT Training's Manager Director said:

“We don’t want anyone who works for us to be unhappy. Even if just 10 of our 300 staff were unhappy that would be a disaster. It would have such a negative impact across the delivery of all of our training programmes.

I believe that the positive ethos of the business is what sets it apart from other training providers, and this is reflected in the fact ACT has been awarded the largest single Welsh Government training contract providing ACT with a £26 million turnover.” - Andrew Cooksley, Managing Director, ACT Training

  • Last academic year (2014-2015), ACT helped 148 learners and supported them to build futures with brighter prospects.
  • ACT has employed a full-time counsellor and a number of learning coaches to work with young people at risk of disengaging. 89% of learners rate these extra services as ‘very good’.
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