Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles - Our Environmental Policy

Good for business
Dŵr Cymru Environmental Leadership Award, 2017, Shortlisted
  • Efficiency savings – across refurbishment, recycling, efficient heating and water purification systems over £10,000 has been saved
  • More customers and bookings – through the promotion of community activities and a strong commitment to the environment, turnover is projected to increase from £300,000 to £500,000 this financial year
  • People are paying attention – the brand is being recognised in Copenhagen, Japan, Germany and New York by toy manufacturers wanting to promote educational toys and a positive way of doing business

Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles is a family-owned micro business that manufacturers sustainable giant bubble toys and mixes and performs at events and has recently diversified into an on-site Bubble Barn (shop) and Café. 

Our Environmental Policy

A micro business that has successfully combined a strong commitment to environmental leadership with being profitable, Dr Zigs are truly a sustainable business. The commitment to business sustainability permeates every aspect of the company, from where materials are sourced, how else products can be produced, to lift sharing, providing fair pay to staff and always delivering a great customer and client experience.

A unique product presents a business – any size of business – with a unique set of challenges. But these are addressed, met and surpassed by the team at Zigs through an unwavering commitment to doing good and reducing any impact on the natural environment. On the ground in North Wales – and increasingly across the world – this means actively working with customers, suppliers and stakeholders to better understand their situation and requirements, combining discounts with bottle recycling facilities for returning customers, new systems which currently generate almost 0% waste water and pushing all colleagues to commit to recycling and composting as much on-site waste as possible – currently this level stands at 80%.

There are also practical business-orientated decisions that Zigs have taken, such as to diversify into providing a physical shop (the Bubble Barn) and Bubble Café for visitors. But in true Zigs-fashion the Barn is heated by a solar array made from recycled drinks cans. There is also a plan to fully re-use any remaining waste water to flush the toilets in the Café. Dr Zigs also take their role as a responsible business internationally with their Bubbles Not Bombs projects taking fun science and structured play to underprivileged or war-affect children in places as diverse as Syria, Gaza, Libya, India and Kenya. 

The combination of these practical steps – along with the overarching commitment to being a sustainable business – is getting the tiny company noticed. Zigs are working with the Experimentarium Science Museum in Copenhagen, a Japanese toy distributor, Chester Zoo and have taken part in both the Nuremberg and New York toy shows; leading to greater recognition, more customers and projected growth. 

What Dr Zigs Bubbler in Chief said:

“In this day and age, we cannot ignore climate change, nor grave humanitarian crises happening on our doorsteps. I would like to show that it not only is it our duty to act, but also that acting makes sound business sense. Many people find out about us because of the work we do for refugees, or our Bubbles Not Bombs projects – and then become our loyal customers. We are committed to changing the world one bubble at a time.”Paula Dyboski-Bryant, Bubbler in Chief, Dr Zigs Extraordinary Bubbles 

Good for the environment
  • Reduced resource consumption – new systems have resulted in 0% waste water over 80% of on-site waste being recycled or composted
  • Customer buy-in – through the combination of discounts and available facilities 30% of customers (both direct and online) now actively recycle their bubble mix bottles, reducing their own waste to landfill
  • New production – all bar one component is sourced and produced in the UK, with a strong focus on FSC certified wood and untreated cotton