Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Scotland Large Company of the Year Award, Winner, 2016

Business in the Community Scotland’s Large Company of the Year clearly demonstrated to the judges a diverse, well-rounded and practical approach to responsible business that is embedded in all of its day-to-day operations and tailored for the local communities in which it serves

A family-owned business since 1957, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is the largest car hire company worldwide with a turnover of £18.1 billion. Founder Jack Taylor believed in building a company which looks after its customers, communities and employees, and that ethos which continues to this day.

In the UK, Enterprise operates almost 100,000 vehicles through a network of 420 branches. In Scotland, over 300 employees work across 40 locations with the Head Office based in Stirling.

Local focused responsible business

The Taylor family, which still own Enterprise, encourage each country to run the business autonomously so that the needs of each market and community can be addressed. Responsible business activities, incorporating budgets and resources, are thus decentralised and locally focused.

A supporter of over twenty charities each year, the company is a worthy winner of our Large Company of the Year. It has been at the forefront of responsible business for nearly sixty years yet has constantly adapted to the marketplace and communities it serves.

Enterprise undertakes a huge range of responsible business activities, from those with an environmental focus through to good guidance locally and internationally, and is also committed to a diverse workforce.

An examples from Enterprise’s diverse responsible business practice in Scotland that was particularly commended by the judges include the company’s approach to upskilling the workforce and identifying talent from diverse backgrounds. Due to their “promotion from within” strategy most senior managers have only worked with Enterprise, however the company allows employees to gain vital and valuable experience of working with different companies and organisations and sharing best practice. The company is also one of the largest graduate employers in Scotland and continues to attract the best talent.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car UK clinched the Award having clearly demonstrated a very diverse, well-rounded and practical approach to responsible business that is embedded in their operations.

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