Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd

Scotland Environmental Leadership Award, Winner, 2016

A leader which seeks to inspire and influence policy makers locally and globally in developing sustainability across the construction industry and beyond, Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd proves that great design can go hand-in-hand with environmental sustainability.  

Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd logoLed by Kirsty Maguire, Kirsty Maguire Architect Ltd (KMA) is a company which puts environmental design at the heart of its work and ethos. It seeks to influence and inspire both locally and globally through demonstrating the interdependency of design-led work and environmental responsibility in creating good design.

KMA has worked on acclaimed projects across the world and Kirsty inspired others through speaking at international events and exhibitions. By addressing key construction issues through work including developing low energy buildings, helping cut fuel poverty, and reducing the industry’s levels of pollution, KMA has put good design into practice.

Inspiring and leading internationally

It has also provided training and engaged with government policy makers, with Kirsty acting as a specialist advisor to government in the UK and internationally. Her vision and practice means KMA acts as a leader, inspiring others in the industry and beyond, and proving that solutions are not only possible in theory but achievable at scale.

As a direct consequence of this approach to design, the company has grown in stature and reputation. Kirsty is a United Nations Development Programme International Expert in low energy, low carbon and innovative design. As well as speaking engagements, she has featured in various publications and given her input to numerous reports and research papers.

Kirsty is passionate about creating high performance and beautiful buildings, developing skills in the industry, using the products and services of local environmental supply chain members, working to reduce the skills gap for delivering high quality low energy buildings, promoting environmental ethics, seeking to influence policy makers and developing sustainability across the industry and beyond. This has made KMA a true environmental leader, which stood out from the pack and is a deserved winner in this critical category.