Linklaters LLP: Global CommunityMark Reaccreditation Case Study

Societal impacts
  • Linklaters' Realising Aspirations programme in Hackney and Haringey saw sixteen year 13 students applying for top third universities and 75% of Linklaters mentored applicants being offered a place at Russell Group universities
  • The company developed and piloted a new GSCE maths feedback system in partnership with local schools which has made an observed difference in maths attainment
  • In Frankfurt 70% of participants from the Realising Aspirations programme reported skills development, increased self-confidence and increased confidence in making choices related to their future as a result of the programme
  • In 2015 Linklaters provided over 28,000 hours of pro bono work to not-for-profit organisations globally
  • Linklaters' support for the School for Social Entrepreneurs has helped enable 29% of graduating students to move to the planning stage of their idea development, 65% to the start-up phase and 6% to establish a social enterprise

Linklaters’ global community investment programme seeks to ensure that all members of staff are acting as trusted advisers, valued colleagues, engaged professionals, and good neighbours. The firm has demonstrated a sound global strategy which provides a framework for its global community investment activities, while also being flexible enough to work with local communities to address local issues.

Business Impacts

Linklaters see social mobility as a key focus and opportunity to diversify their workforce and to become a leading example in the legal sector. Its aim is to recruit a diverse workforce focusing on strengths and aptitude, rather than experiences and achievements, which can reflect opportunity rather than true potential.  

The firm has two global focus areas that allow it to offer the skills of its workforce to the community.

The Realising Aspirations focus area aims to address some of the early barriers to success for young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds through mentoring and tutoring support during the later years of high school.

Through the Growing Capabilities programme Linklaters provides organisational resources pro bono to not-for-profit organisations, in order to build their capacity, with global targets and systems set for participation.

  • Linklaters have been recognised as leaders in social mobility, as one of twelve Social Mobility Business Compact Champions
  • Community investment and pro bono work offer Linklaters’ staff excellent opportunities for self-development. The firm developed a Give and Learn initiative to promote volunteering as a skills development opportunity as well as a community impact tool
  • The Realising Aspirations programme aims to improve access to the firm by supporting young people from 11 year upward. Feeding into Linklaters' social mobility strategy, it increases the flexibility of its people and ensures diversity throughout the firm
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