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Three tips from NH Hotel Group
  • The Board of Directors should support the Company’s commitment to doing business responsibly, maintaining the highest standards of governance and defining and assigning CSR functions.
  • Align your stakeholders’ needs to those of the company by fostering proactive interaction, consultation and dialogue.
  • Commit to contributing to local development with your own business. Maximize its positive impact and generate shared value through global initiatives adapted locally.
Business in the Community's Responsible Business of the Year, Shortlisted, 2016

NH Hotel Group is a major business hotel chain, operating almost 400 hotels in 29 countries across Europe, America and Africa. The Group has integrated its corporate responsibility commitments into every part of the business.

NH GroupPeople

NH Hotel Group is committed to employees' professional development. Since 1996 NH University has run training courses for employees at its eight campuses. Last year NH University had 360 training programmes, 579 internal trainers and trained 11,179 employees.


One of NH Hotel Group's aims is to be active in the communities around their business and contribute to local development. Last year the Group worked with almost 400 social organisations.

The award-winning Hotels with a Heart programme supports families with seriously ill children in collaboration with foundations and NGOs, donating almost 22,000 room nights to families with limited resources. The Group also has a special NGO rate, with discounts of up to 30%, available to organisations that have been assessed and approved beforehand by the Corporate Responsibility department.

NH Hotel Group has developed international training, apprenticeship and employment programmes for young people at risk of social exclusion and for the disabled. Last year, 647 students developed technical and personal skills through voluntary coaching and support from NH Group staff. Each year, training in the catering sector at 53 hotels over the world is provided to more than 400 young people at risk of social exclusion.

Employee volunteers contribute their skills and knowledge to a wide range of projects every year. Last year more than 1,400 NH employees took part in initiatives.


Since 2007 NH Hotel Group has reduced its carbon footprint by 69.4%, energy consumption by 26.4% and water consumption by 30.6%. Through its participation in the 'Cork to Cork' programme the Group has produced 8,000 m2 of cork for insulation, soundproofing and lining, and 78% of its hotels in Germany, Spain and Italy use renewable energy resources.

The Group ensures that all its suppliers are assessed for environmental management, climate change, carbon footprint reduction, responsible consumption of resources and use of recycled materials.

The NH Hotel Group aims to lead the sector in corporate social responsibility, creating shared value at an economic, social, and environmental level wherever its business is present.

What NH Hotel Group's CEO said:

“NH Hotel Group is the result of sound values and beliefs, brave decisions, and the enthusiasm and effort of thousands of committed employees. It is a Group that follows the strictest ethical principles and that integrates sustainability and social concerns into its daily activities. It is a Company that encourages dialogue with its stakeholders and provides solutions to the needs and issues it faces.

"Our responsible business approach relies on the commitment and willingness to continue building value for the Company, its shareholders, customers, employees and society in general.” - Federico J. González Tejera, CEO of NH Hotel Group

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