Good for business
The Wales Responsible Large Business of the Year Award, 2017, Shortlisted
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction – through a combination of volunteering opportunities, support and incentives, 97% of Trivallis employees feel “proud to work there”
  • Sustained tenancies – over 90% of tenants have remained in their properties since April 2016, through support and advice provided by Trivallis
  • External recognition – Trivallis achieved Gold IiP status in 2015 and has recently been recognised as one of the Top 50 Inclusive Employers in the UK

Originally known as RCT Homes, the business rebranded in 2007 as Trivallis. It is a registered social landlord, operating in the Rhondda Cynon Taff area of South Wales, following the transfer of RCT Council’s housing stock. 

As a community housing mutual, responsible business has always been at the heart of Trivallis. However, as part of the rebranding as Trivallis, the company has continued to go above and beyond the core requirements of the business and is supporting communities and individuals across their region. 

Trivallis has embedded responsible business across the organisation and it feeds into the business plans for each part of the business, through to service delivery teams and tenant liaison officers on the ground. The overarching Our Plan, Your Future document structures the company’s activity not only around the values of the business, but the four pillars of responsible business (workplace, marketplace, environment and community). This structure is reflected in team organisation (there is a Responsible Business Team, but each department also has a RB Champion) and the Our Plan, Your Future structure (and its connection to business values) is reflected in the appraisal system and other HR processes.

In addition to internal processes and communications – helping to embed responsible business with colleagues and partners – Trivallis is also clear about its commitments and responsibilities in the community. This commitment ranges from large scale volunteering opportunities for staff and supply chain companies to partnerships with car dealerships to help tenants learn to drive, to financial, literacy and healthy eating initiatives. Trivallis makes a positive difference in the communities it serves, whilst also making a positive difference internally. The company has high levels of employee engagement, employee pride and by working with tenants to provide them with additional skills, courses and experiences (for many – helping them return to work) more tenancies have been sustained over the long-term. 

What Trivallis’ Chief Executive Officer said:

“At Trivallis, it is our vision to be trusted as an open and inspiring organisation that changes people’s lives and communities for the better. We believe that in order to achieve this, responsible business needs to be everyone’s responsibility. What we do is about more than just the bricks and mortar and being a responsible business makes us proud to be here.”Adrian Barber, Interim Chief Executive Officer (at the time of Award submission), Trivallis

Good for society
  • Investment in communities – over 75% of Trivallis’ spend in 16/17 is with Welsh-based companies and 25% is spent directly in Rhondda Cynon Taff
  • Environmental impact – new office printers across the Trivallis estate being more efficient than previous equipment and staff have reduced the amount printed by 20% per employee
  • Volunteering opportunities – in 2016 over 200 employees took part in Give & Gain Day and through working with partners and supply chain companies, Trivallis leveraged around £60,000 into local communities in RCT