Veterans employment: The case of Landmarc Support Services

Landmarc Support Services has been employing ex-service personnel since the company was founded in 2003.

Due to the nature of Landmarc’s operations, the company actively seeks to employ veterans because of the specific skillsets they have, with around 25% of its current workforce made up of ex-military staff.

Landmarc provides support services to the Defence Infrastructure Organisation, enabling military training across the UK, managing over 190,000 hectares of land. This includes management of ranges and training areas, targetry and explosives handling locations, range and training area design, range safety and specialist environmental services.

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Specialist skillsets
Landmarc employs this high percentage of service veterans because the company truly understands, values and embraces the experiences of military personnel. These experiences are used to the advantage of the business to deliver the best possible services to the Armed Forces who are using the estate to train.

An ex-service man or woman who starts work at Landmarc will find an environment that they can feel comfortable in, with a work ethos that they will be accustomed to. The military environment is not the only aspect veterans find familiar, but many of the day-to-day activities carried out use the language, processes and sense of humour experienced with military service.

Military knowledge can be useful to understand the mind of Landmarc’s end users, and the ex-military community can help interpret issues, identify root causes and find solutions that are going to work for military customers.A role within Landmarc provides an excellent ‘stepping off’ point for ex-military personnel, because finding their way in a completely civilian world after many years of service can be particularly daunting.

The recruitment process
Because the locations that Landmarc operates in are often very rural, the company faces a number of recruitment challenges that fall outside of the norm. Many candidates will have little or no access to home broadband, but are no less ‘tech savvy’, which means some of the latest advances in recruitment technology, including social recruitment are much more challenging to implement.

Using more traditional recruitment methods, such as local print advertising and job fairs, while building a positive employer brand that makes the best use of available tools, such as the apprenticeship levy, help to maximise recruitment opportunities.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful tools available, and many ex-military personnel are already aware of Landmarc and what they do, and there is a lot of enthusiasm for the company. Landmarc also works closely with charity Veteran’s Aid who supply them with details of potential candidates.

Supporting reservists
As the company is keen to have the ex-military skillset on board, the support for reservists is embedded in the organisation, offering a flexible policy if employees are called upon for duty.
Landmarc’s formal policy for reservists allows for 10 days of additional special paid leave to conduct training, and the company has a thorough understanding of the importance of this commitment in the reservist’s year.

Support to reservists who mobilise and deploy for longer periods of time is also covered by the policy, and is engrained in the general ethos of Landmarc’s total support to the training of our Armed Forces that are deployed around the world.

Ongoing commitment
Landmarc has promised to show ongoing commitment to veterans, having signed the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant, which helps ensure those who serve or have served, and their families, are treated fairly and supported.The company also currently holds a Silver Award from the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme - encouraging employers to support defence and inspire other organisations to do the same.


About Landmarc Support Services Limited
Landmarc is the international provider of integrated training and sustainable infrastructure solutions. This includes consultancy, design, management and operation of training areas and ranges; explosives safety; built and rural estate management, including environmental and conservation support; information management and administration services; project management and commercial property management.

The company is jointly owned by two leading businesses in their field - Interserve, a major player in the international support services and construction market and American firm PAE, a leading provider of enduring support for the essential missions of the U.S. government, its allied partners and international organisations. / twitter:@landmarcNEWS