Wates Group: CommunityMark Reaccreditation Case Study

Societal Impacts
  • Wates have engaged with 18,377 young people through the Business Class education programme and delivered programmes with partners to support 5,018 people from excluded groups into employment, education, training or volunteering.
  • Since 2006, Wates have delivered 82 Building Futures programmes nationally in partnership with Ixion Holdings. 939 unemployed adults have graduated from the programme since its launch in 2005 of whom 57% have moved into employment or training
  • The Wates Apprenticeship Training Agency (WATA) has supported 83 apprentices, in partnership with Futureworks and K10. WATA provides a structured apprenticeship programme and creates local employment opportunities for young people
  • 57% of Wates sites have procured from a social enterprise within their supply chain. £1.3m traded with the sector in 2015.
  • The company launched Communities Count: the Four Steps to Unlocking Social Value , an extensive, comprehensive piece of research carried out in response to the introduction of the Social Value Act. The report identifies four key steps to creating social value within public sector procurement processes.

Since achieving CommunityMark recognition in 2013, Wates Group has launched its long-term framework for sustainability, Reshaping Tomorrow. One of the pillars of this strategy, Tomorrow’s Communities, focuses on working in partnership to unlock potential and leave a lasting legacy in the communities in which Wates works.

DIG (Develop, Inspire, Grow) is the strategy which supports the Tomorrow’s Communities programme, which aims to transform 20,000 lives by 2020.

Wates’ commitment to local communities includes supporting young people to raise their aspirations and skills; providing training and employment opportunities for those marginalised from the workplace and building sustainable local economies through their trade and investment with social enterprises.

Business impacts
  • In 2013, Building Futures won the Work Inclusion category at the BITC's Responsible Business Awards.
  • In 2014, Wates won the Market Builder category at the Social Enterprise UK awards.
  • Being able to quantify the social value delivered through its programmes positions Wates more strongly when bidding for contracts which fall under the Social Value Act.
  • Working with social enterprises has provided Wates with opportunities for building a more diverse and resilient supply chain, with business that share the same values as itself.
  • Engaged 20% of its employees in BITC’s Business Class activities.
  • By supporting the training and development of young people Wates is minimising the risks associated with current and future skills shortages in the construction industry.