Added values: the importance of ethical leadership

Managers are frequently faced with ethical dilemmas at work - this report explores the problem and offers recommendations on how strong values can be created and embedded.
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This research explores the role organisational values and the ethical dilemmas faced by leaders and managers, and offers recommendations on how to build, embed and display values effectively.

The joint report from Business in the Community and the Institute of Leadership and Management, drawn from quantitative research as well as roundtable discussions with business leaders, demonstrates the extent of the problem and how leaders can make sure the values as written are the ones that are lived, protecting their organisation from potential ethical breaches and reputational risk.

Key findings
  • 9% of managers have been asked to break the law at work
  • One in 10 have left their jobs as a result of being asked to do something at work that made them feel uncomfortable
  • Over a quarter (27%) were concerned they would be negatively affected if they were to report an ethical breach
  • 77% of managers believe that public expectations on business ethics have risen
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