Buying from Social Enterprises

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This guide provides key steps and tips to help support businesses to buy from social enterprises and includes success stories of companies that have opened up their procurement processes.

Most businesses have an interest in incorporating more social enterprises into their supply chains, but over half feel they are prevented from doing so due to the scale of their contracts. For this reason many companies are working more closely with their suppliers to encourage and help them to buy from social enterprises.

This document shares a number of best practice examples of successful collaborations between businesses and social enterprises in addition to presenting five key actions companies can take to help them buy more from social enterprises.

Key findings
  • Buying from social enterprises helps companies to demonstrate social value as required by the The Social Value Act.
  • Four out of five chief procurement officers say it is important to buy from social enterprises.
  • 58% of procurement officers say that they have been encouraged to deal with social enterprises by potential suppliers.