USA Statewide legislation to Ban the Box

Twelve US states have legally removed the tick box asking about criminal convictions from their first application form. This factsheet gives details on how employers have been affected.

The factsheet includes:

  • The states that have banned the box

  • How employers in these states now ask about criminal convictions

  • Any roles that are exempt from this process

This document is designed to inform internal HR discussions that focus on fairer hiring practices. It provides tangible examples of when and how to ask about criminal convictions.

The Ban the Box concept initiated in America. The movement focuses on changing legislation so that ex-offenders have a fairer chance of finding employment. As a result, this reduces re-offending rates and in turn costs to the American taxpayer. Measures vary between the states in terms of which employers are affected and the process they now use to ask about criminal convictions.

Examples of fairer hiring practices