Factsheet: Responsible Business in Action 2019

Find out more about the key elements of Responsible Business in Action 2019 and how your business can get involved.

From 29 April to 9 July 2019, Business in the Community will be sharing great examples of insight and action from across the Responsible Business Map as part of Responsible Business in Action. BITC encourage you to share your stories, recognise those who are making a difference in your organisation and cascade insights at the relevant moments in the Responsible Business Action calendar found in this document.

Sharing the very best insight and recognising great examples of impact in responsible business in responsible business from 29 April to our Dinner on 9 July, this new extended showcase is designed to inform, inspire and engage purposeful leaders.

This factsheet will set out the key elements of our plans and let you know how you can get involved. We hope you’ll support us by sharing your stories with your teams and partners and then relish learning from others acting accordingly.


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