The Barclays Developing Resilience Award: Aquobex Limited

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Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018 

Action and Impact
The devastation caused by flooding can be long-lasting and wide-ranging with a cascading effect that can lead to job losses, reduced income, the breakdown in family relationships and damage to social cohesion.

For Aquobex, it is no longer enough to service client needs by installing flood defence barriers. They want to help small businesses be more resilient in addressing the real problems. This requires building an evidence base through research to reduce flood risk to the lowest possible extent in order to enhance insurability and protect jobs.

“Businesses, especially small, rural ones, should remember that they are part of the community and by increasing their resilience to flooding the resilience of the wider community increases through job security, income security, mental health and social stability,” says managing director, John Alexander.

The company designs, builds and installs flood protection products, including flood-proof doors, manual flood barriers and self-operating flood barriers. All of these measures are insurable and this maintains insurance coverage for customers. According to the business, its products put property-level flood resilience within reach of most businesses who currently consider it either too expensive or not viable.