The Barclays Developing Resilience Award: BRE

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Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018.

Action and Impact
The BRE Flood Resilient Repair House demonstrates that properties in flood risk areas can be designed to cope with the impact of flooding without needing to look out of place. It features a number of measures that could be installed on any property to make it ‘flood resilient’.  This is great for businesses that need to recover more quickly from the impact of flooding to continue trading.  It is also much cheaper and less disruptive than making repairs in the aftermath of a flood.

“These measures can help prevent flood water ingress into a building or aid rapid recovery and allow householders to simply wash out and disinfect after flooding.  This is instead of wholesale replacement of the fabric or the property,” says Dr Peter Bonfield OBE, Chief Executive of BRE, the building science centre that exists to improve buildings through research and knowledge sharing.

By promoting the house nationally, as well as to the 20,000 visitors to the BRE Innovation Park every year, SMEs can see for themselves how resilience can be built into the general design of buildings as well as in refurbishment projects.