Do Digital Realities – The Do Academy

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Business benefits
Winner - The ACT Training Talent Development Award
  • Recruitment costs are down with staff retention levels increased
  • Develop work-ready candidates, with three hired directly from the Academy programme
  • Buddy teams allow better, quicker sharing of knowledge between colleagues

Do Digital Realities specialises in 3D work, including CGI visualisations, animations and fully immersive 3D models. In a relatively young, but growing, industry in South Wales, Do Digital found it difficult to apply the usual recruitment and skill development methods and so they built a recruitment, talent development and buddy system to future proof their business and support the sector. 

Do Digital Realities started by taking a look at itself and the growing industry in which the business works. This self-awareness, led to the first ideas for the Do Digital Academy, a talent identification, development and buddying programme that would bring in the skills the business needs while developing the skills of existing colleagues.

The 3D modelling, CGI visualisation industry is relatively young and Do Digital Realities found it increasingly difficult to judge potential candidates. As a result, the Do Academy was born – as a way of producing the next crop of Imaginarians (professionals skilled in coming up with the most creative ideas, specifically for Do Digital), whilst providing new career opportunities and experiences of work to graduates and people new to the profession. 

Led by the Managing Director’s vision, drive and commitment to giving something back to the local area, whilst still development a successful and sustainable business, the Do Academy nurtures talent and ensures the business has the skills it needs to succeed. The team runs experiential sessions for budding designers, new graduates and seasoned professionals to share ideas and run workshops around the specialised technical skills that the business – and wider sector – is looking for. By putting this combination of skills, experience and enthusiasm in the room and shaping engagement with prospect recruits from the earliest stages, Do Digital have successfully hired five team members directly out of the Academy programme.

The Academy also opens up opportunities for partnerships with institutions including the University of South Wales and like-minded companies like Yellow Dog; who also benefit from the experience. But for Do Digital it’s not just about hiring, the programme also focusses on development and integration with the team.

By working with prospective hires at such an early stage, everyone gets the opportunity to get to know each other better right from Day 1. This means that the new Imaginarians can gain valuable insights into the business and hit the ground running as soon as they start. This reduces down-time that would otherwise be used for time consuming onboarding sessions, resulting in everyone getting to work much more swiftly. Do Digital have also added in a buddy system to the programme, meaning that junior members of the team can work directly with more experienced colleagues on challenging projects, helping the business to continue to deliver on time and on brief. 

Do Digital Realities have built a business-relevant and highly tailored programme that fits with how the business is run and the kind of place the staff want it to be. The company has brought on partners and stakeholders to add further value and is already experiencing great results.

Congratulations to Do Digital Realities – the winner of the 2018 ACT Training Talent Development Award.

Wider benefits
  • Providing a new career path to people entering the world of work for the first time
  • Engaging 15 students per session in workshops with the University of South Wales
  • Providing upskilling opportunities for staff, by working with graduates and suppliers