Jehu Group: Winner of the The Wales & West Utilities Community Partnership Award 2019

Jehu Group won the Wales & West Utilities Community Partnership Award at The Wales Responsible Business Awards 2019.

Jehu Group is one of Wales’ largest independently-owned construction companies – and responsible business is at the very heart of its operations.  
Responsible Business is a central part of all of Jehu’s building schemes. It tracks impact and replicates best practice across all developments. Jehu is working on the Maelfa Regeneration Development, an £8.5m scheme aimed at transforming the Llanedeyrn area into a vibrant and sustainable community. The project will provide 63 new homes, refurbish the existing shopping centre and upgrade open spaces and underpasses that often attract anti-social behaviour. Its aims are to tackle poverty, employability and equality, and engage with young people to raise aspirations. 
Working in partnership with schools, businesses, communities and its employees, Jehu: 
  • Maximises the engagement of stakeholders and partners including CCHA, Cardiff City Council, primary and secondary schools, Constructions Skills and School of Hard Knocks 
  • Integrates development into the community
  • Delivers more through collaboration than they could independently 
  • Strengthens client and community relationships beyond the terms of the contract, giving employees added purpose.  
Managing Director Marc Jehu says: “Maximising social impact through improved purposeful planning, engagement and collaboration in a traditionally more contractual and adversarially driven sector is benefiting everyone.”