Responsible Business of the Year: Yorkshire Water

Longlisted for a Business in the Community Responsible Business Award 2018 

Action and Impact

For Yorkshire Water, part of the Kelda Group, being sustainable and responsible is core business, not an optional extra.

The company, which provides water and waste water services to 5 million domestic customers and 140,000 business premises in the Yorkshire region, is investing £3.8 billion in water and sewerage infrastructure and services between 2015 and 2020 – yet has some of the lowest average combined domestic bill in the UK.

Its current strategy focuses not only on securing the water supply for its customers, but in mitigating against the threat of rising energy prices, making its investments as sustainable as possible, sourcing responsibly from suppliers and playing its part in tackling flooding.

So far, the company has invested in renewable energy and communities across Yorkshire have benefitted from its contribution to prevent a repeat of the 2007 floods, representing more than a £40 million investment in Hull alone. Meanwhile, Yorkshire Water’s Living Wage commitment – and a requirement that contractors also pay it – has been a great benefit to employees and those along the supply chain.