Trivallis – Putting people at the heart of our communities

Business benefits

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Winner - The Volunteering Impact in Wales Award
  • 747% increase in number of staff taking part in volunteering from 2013 to 2017
  • Significantly reduced absence rates amongst those staff who took part in volunteering (as high as 90% less in some cases)
  • 97% of employees who volunteered developed business-relevant skills as a result

Trivallis is one of Wales’ largest housing associations, with over 10,000 properties, housing over 20,000 people across Rhondda Cynon Taff in South Wales. Trivallis is committed to providing more than just bricks and mortar, going above and beyond to work with tenants, community groups and charities to develop real places where people can live, work and thrive. Operating as Wales’ first community mutual housing association, Trivallis has a unique responsibility to put customers and clients at the heart of what it does.

Wider benefits

For the whole team at Trivallis, volunteering has never been an added extra or something that is only for high days and holidays. Through its long association with BITC Cymru and commitment to working closely with communities, Trivallis has successfully made employee volunteering a core, normal part of the business. 

Trivallis has successfully used its experience and expertise in organising large-scale volunteering projects to develop a rolling programme of mass employee volunteering opportunities, spread across the year. The organisation committed to 12 projects in 12 months and the work carried out at Ysgol Tŷ Coch is an exemplar project. With over 20 partner organisations and suppliers on board, Trivallis volunteers worked with the school to convert an old building into a brand-new Family Centre – a facility that the school would never have been able to arrange by itself.

The strategic, large-scale approach that Trivallis takes to volunteering means that new opportunities to engage supply chain partners and partner organisations is practically unparalleled. Trivallis has built employee volunteering into the DNA of the business, which helps employees understand the positive difference they can make to tenants. This direct connection into the communities which the business serves has resulted in a huge uptake in volunteering (over 700% increase in 4 years) and reduced absence rates amongst those who volunteer.

Trivallis are also creating volunteering and experiential opportunities for tenants, working alongside employees to gain the skills and knowledge to help them thrive and for some, re-enter the world of work.

In the heartland of the South Wales Valleys, which often suffers from stereotyping and negative perceptions, Trivallis are committed to making a positive difference to the people they provide housing for, their partners, schools, young people and community groups.

Congratulations to Trivallis for helping making employee volunteering the new normal. As a result Trivallis is the well-deserving winners of the Volunteering Impact in Wales Award 2018.

  • Over £46,000 contributed to the Tŷ Coch volunteering project through materials and services
  • Multi-agency and family meetings can now take place at Ysgol Tŷ Coch, reducing time away from school for pupils
  • More than 1,700 hours in time were donated to the Tŷ Coch project