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Catch up with Accenture Strategy and Business in the Community's Responsible Business in a Digital Age broadcast during the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, recorded 23 January 2018.

Digital technologies can solve a great many challenges; improve access to healthcare and education, protecting the environment, and finding innovative new ways to solve our most pressing global problems. Yet there are also new risks or ‘unintended consequences’ emerging from digital transformation. From uneven access to technology and its benefits to concerns about the transparent use of data, and the environmental footprint of digital technology itself, we believe these unintended consequences must be addressed. That’s why together with our partner Accenture Strategy we developed the new Priorities for Responsible Business in a Digital Age.

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The following speakers joined panel host, Peter Lacy, Managing Director for Growth and Strategy, Accenture Strategy to showcase how Unilever and Unipart are using digital technology to deliver positive societal impact. 

  • Amanda MacKenzie, CEO, Business in the Community
  • Keith Weed, Chief Marketing Communications Officer, Unilever
  • John Neill, Chairman and Group Chief Executive, Unipart

The broadcast recording focuses on three objectives:

  • Sharing the four priority practical actions that all businesses should adopt in a digital age
  • Showcasing a selection of case studies from businesses profiling the progress in each of the priority areas identified
  • Inviting other businesses, large and small, to commit to delivering positive societal impact from digital transformation and sign up to this agenda

Amanda Mackenzie also met with Google's Matt Brittin to discuss the innovative solutions being developing to protect, support and enpower their customers - watch now

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