A Brave New World? Priorities and actions for an inclusive digital revolution

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Business has an opportunity to ensure that the digital revolution serves all of society. Following on from the Brave New World? report, we are pleased to launch the much anticipated set of priorities

The digital revolution raises a series of challenges, that business must now address.  There will be major impacts on the workforce, such as job losses due to automation.  Businesses also run the risk of customers losing trust in technology; nine in ten internet users in the UK and the US would avoid doing business with companies that do not protect their privacy1.

We still have it within our power to take action and ensure that the digital revolution works for all of us. This is why we have defined the four priorities for responsible business in a digital age.

1. TRUSTe, A Booming Market for Mobile Commerce Where Trust is Essential, 2013.

    The key priorities:
    • Firstly, business must protect, support and empower customers
    • Secondly, businesses should embrace the changing nature of work
    • Thirdly, deliver innovative products and services that serve society
    • Finally, drive a transparent, inclusive and productive value chain