Culture Change Report: Year 2 Executive Summary

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Interim findings at the end of Year Two from our report into the culture change generated by Business Connectors on secondment into their communities with BITC.
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We find that Connectors are increasingly recognised as a positive intervention for increased cross-sector working at a local level. This is through bringing together diverse groups with potentially aligned interests, introducing more collaborative approaches to skills sharing/mentoring, and encouraging resource-sharing between sectors. In this context, the work of Connectors supports the characteristics of co-creation, shared value and developing shared access to different resources, and this model can be said to challenge market-transaction based models of value.

Key findings
  • Most business managers (a jump of 6% improving to 91% in Year Two) agreed their organisations have a responsibility to reduce their negative impacts on local communities
  • VCS organisations staff understanding of the benifits of working with business improved significantly in Year Two to 69% an increase of 13%
  • In Year Two, there was an increase to 60% of VCS respondents agreed that VCS organisations actively seek know-how and learning from business
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