Digital Deep Dive: rural and urban growth and resilience through digital technology

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Harnessing digital technology and data to deliver smart growth

The natural environment provides resilience, resources for growth and social capital for people and businesses. The value of natural assets is often overlooked in planning and management of cities, landscapes and sectors. These assets are at risk from over exploitation, degradation and the effects of climate change, creating risk for the businesses that rely on them.

This report is a collation of the findings of the Digital Deep Dive event undertaken to review the objectives above. Participants delivered these objectives by working in groups focused on rural, urban and smart growth. Each group developed a framework for these areas.

Business in the Communitiy's Environment Team and Taskforce will adopt these frameworks and apply them to the smart growth strategy. The frameworks will be piloted within existing programmes to demonstrate to business the opportunities for leveraging digital technology and data to deliver smart growth.

Thank you to Anglian Water, Business in the Community's Responsible Business of the Year 2017 and Capgemini for supporting, facilitating and helping to deliver this event. Thank you to the organisations who took part and sharing your knowledge with us.

Watch the highlights from BITC's Digital Deep Dive Workshop

View the interactive report from the event.


Key Findings
  • Create data sharing frameworks that can meet challenges for rural, urban and smart growth areas
  • Identify ways digital technologies and data can help meet these challenges
  • Create a set of recommendations on using digital solutions too improve sustainability in rural, urban and smart growth areas.