Report: Would you be ready for a cyber attack?

Would You Be Ready for a Cyber Attack? recommends ways businesses of all sizes can reduce risks.

Business in the Community believes that we all have a role to play in protecting valuable data and assets.

Would you be ready for a cyber attack? looks at the current cyber security and resilience of small businesses and finds that, because of a lack of investment in key areas, they may be particularly vulnerable to cyber attacks. This could ultimately cost thousands in repair costs or loss of business.

Key findings

  • 40% of small businesses have not taken any action on cyber security in the past 12 months
  • More than three quarters (77%) of small UK businesses have no policy for controlling access to their data systems
  • For those who have implemented cyber security measures in the past 12 months, complying with GDPR was the main driver for small- and medium-sized businesses (44%)


Key findings