Biodiversity and your business

Leading companies are increasingly aware of the value that nature and the processes that it supports provide their brands, business, and society. This report outlines 5 priority recommendations.
This guide can help your business to:

  • Understand the business opportunities and risks assoicated with biodiversity
  • Develop a framework to understand your business's interactions with the natural environment
  • Learn from case study examples of organisations taking action

This guide helps companies understand the value of the natural environment to their businesses and how they can align their ambitions for growth with the conservation of the natural resources on which they depend. It uses examples of how companies   successfully combine business performance with the conservation of the natural environment and the essential services that it provides.

The guide provides links to more in-depth on-line guidance and reference materials.

It sets out a clear framework to get started with guidance on assessing your business's interactions with the natural environment. In March 2013, the Ecosystem Markets Task Force published a report outlining 5 priority recommendations of the opportunities for UK business to value and protect nature's services. The identified 5 priority recommendations include:  

  • Biodiversity Offsetting: securing net gain for nature from planning and development.

  • Closing the loop: anaerobic digestion and bioenergy on farms.

  • Local wood fuel supply chains: active sustainable management supporting local economies.

  • Nature-based certification and labelling: connecting consumers with nature.

  • Water cycle catchment management: integrating nature into water, waste water and flood management.

The guidance provides case studies for each of the priorities identified and how organisations have identified their interactions with the natural environment and taken steps to value and protect biodiversity.


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