Place: Four steps to delivering a place-based approach

Help us understand more about your challenges and how this guide will support you to take a place-based approach by completing our short survey today and receive your copies of the Place Guide and ToolkitHow well do you know your community and the people who live there?  What issues are important to them?    Do you know the other businesses and community organisations?   Do you understand the support required that will have the biggest impact? 
By taking a place-based approach with all stakeholders working collaboratively on predefined long term goals, opportunities and solutions will become visible and actionable. 
Our step-by-step guide brings together tools, resources and great examples of positive impact to help you undertake a place-based approach. It is intended for businesses, in particular, those working at a practitioner level. The guide sets out the key steps required to implement a place-based approach and includes a set of tools to deliver them.
  • Complete a desk-based needs analysis.
  • Listen to the views of local people to validate the information. 
  • Identify key individuals/organisations in the community to act as champions and advisers. 


Define your priorities:

  • Use the insights you have gained to establish what outcomes could be focused on and where you can offer support.
  • Identify other key members of your coalition, and how they can help.

Agree your actions

  • Set your long-term vision and objectives for change, building on your collective knowledge and the views of local people. 
  • Agree your process for review. 

Set up and immediate action

  • Set up all partners ready to deliver.
  • Establish and delivery actions where businesses are already able to create maximum impact based on your research. 
  • Develop your model for continuous listening