Principles and Practices for Primary Engagement

This collaborative report from Prudential, BITC and the CBI outlines five key principles for employers on working responsibly and effectively with Primary Schools.

At the 2015 BITC Education Symposium, Paul Drechsler, President CBI called employer engagement in Primary Schools a 'business blind spot'.  Prudential, a member of BITC's Education Leadership Team, took this challenge up and a year later is launching this report.

There is currently limited guidance for businesses looking to work with Primary Schools. This report seeks to address this gap. It provides employers with five key principles for working responsibly and effectively with Primary Schools-  with employees encouraged to target schools in deprived communities and with the highest social need.

These principles have drawn on insights from existing literature and have been developed as the result of qualitative research with schools, teachers and businesses.

We and Prudential hope you find this report useful and will apply the principles and practices to your own engagement.

We welcome feedback from users on what has worked and suggestions for development and improvement.  Please send your comments to

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