Business Class in Scotland

Business Class is BITC's flagship strategic education programme, and runs in schools across the UK.  The programme is designed by business for business, to support young people facing social disadvantage by forming long-term partnerships with schools.

Business Class aims to:

  • Increase the quality of engagement between business and secondary schools by identifying areas where they can work in partnership;
  • Build long-term relationships between business and secondary schools;
  • Support teachers both in the classroom and in their own professional development;
  • Develop new skills for business volunteers;
  • Improve the achievement and employability skills of students in some of our most challenging schools;
  • Address the critical gap between employer requirements and the skills and aspirations of pupils in schools in disadvantaged areas, to create greater social cohesion and prosperity;

BITC's Quality Assurance Framework ensures partnerships are able to work alongside each other to identify priorities. Activities are aligned to Education Scotland’s self-evaluation approach, How Good is Our School, as those where business can contribute most to raising the aspirations and achievements of young people:

  • Leadership and Management
  • Employability and Enterprise
  • Curriculum
  • Wider Issues Support

Jane Wood describes the success of our Business Class in Action showcase event, which brought together businesses, partners and school pupils.

Launched in Scotland in 2011, Business Class is a nationally running, proven and successful programme rooted in strategic support and collaborative action. Businesses have worked for many years with schools on a range of levels and through a number of initiatives on an ad-hoc basis, but what sets Business Class apart is a strategic framework that enables businesses to make a more meaningful, sustainable, tangible and ultimately long lasting difference to schools.

It’s a hugely rewarding programme for the businesses that are involved, their employees, the school and the local community. The programme ensures that business engagement is driven by the needs of the school; supporting existing work and inspiring and focussing new engagement to ensure it has the greatest possible impact.

You can read more about the impact of Business Class in this BITC report, Destiny should not be determined by Demograpy

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