Food for Thought

The programme aims to involve pupils in nursery, primary and secondary schools in food related projects, which will encourage healthier eating habits, and provide a better understanding of the importance to the Scottish economy of jobs in the food and drink industry.

Pupils learn about sustainable food production, by growing their own produce, cooking and trying out new recipes and gaining an appreciation of the value of locally produce food and drink. In addition, the interdisciplinary projects develop their numeracy, presentation and communication skills and encourage them to learn more about Scottish heritage.

Our role is to provide ongoing support and relevant business links during the implementation of Food For Thought by partnering with local schools with local businesses in imaginative and stimulating workshops that are mutually beneficial. So far 100% of the businesses involved in the Food For Thought project have had a positive experience in the school.

Participating businesses have gained opportunities such as networking, increasing the customer base, equipping staff with increased communication and leadership skills and an affirmative recognition amongst the local community – all of which have contributed to the successful implementation of our Food for Thought programme which continues to thrive.

Case studies

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Some of the businesses participating in Food for Thought

Businesses participating in Food for Thought